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Thinking about trying Pilates? 

The GARUDA method

Why is the GARUDA method taking the fitness world by storm?

Our studio in now open also on the weekends!

"After 10 sessions you feel the difference, after 20 sessions you see the difference and after 30 sessions you have a brand new body."

J. H. Pilates


  • N. Luan

    “I really LOVE Tamara's pilates sessions as:

    • No two classes are ever the same, such a range of exercises, machines (with the new Garuda!) and props, the hour always finishes too soon.
    • Tamara is amazing that she can custom tailor specifically for each student's needs in a group class with everyone doing something different while never losing a beat.
    • Since starting with Tamara my core strength and flexibility have made really noticeable progress, she really pushes you to your limits every session.
    • The work I do from Tamara's class complements my performance in other sports and bonus- Ive had no sports injuries since starting pilates.
    • Tamara is a perfectionist and she makes sure you are doing everything correctly, not only for maximum benefit, but also for your own safety.

    She is a wonderful teacher and highly recommend her!"

    N. Luan, Geneva

  • J. D.

    “Tamara is a very knowledgeable and conscientious Pilates teacher. She knows for any injury the right exercise. I have been a client many years and my teenage daughters started a year ago and equally love her classes. The change I have noticed in their posture is incredible!"

    J. D., Geneva

  • Paul T.

    "Six months after my L4-L5 surgery, the sciatic pain was much lesser, yet still there. Rated 2-3 on a scale of 10 (rated 8 before surgery). I had tried all sorts of real doctors, chiropractors and quack doctors in a 300km range with the hope of reducing the pain to a bearable level before the operation. Didn’t work and none of them got me back to my comfort zone after the operation either.

    Then I met Tamara  and started Pilates. In the first class she changed my posture. I walked home with a straight back for the first time in 44 years. Soon the pain vanished, and after a few month of weekly classes my body had completely changed. I had gained both toned muscles and a flexible body. Pilates is an amazing way of strengthening your body exactly where you need it. Only someone highly trained, very strict and totally passionate about it can teach it harmlessly.

    Tamara fully qualifies as she meets all these conditions and even goes beyond. Her history as a  professional athlete and very complete Pilates training makes her the one to turn to when it comes to reinforce your body’s firmness and build core muscles that will protect you. I am very grateful to her for taking me to this level of solidity and flexibility and can only highly recommend her teaching skills. On top of all, her classes are always fun!"

    Paul T., Geneva, 47 years old

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